Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Our Family Christmas Party 2014

 Makayla loves the Christmas Tree!!! She gets that from me, I know she does!!!

 Patrick and Kayla!!!

                   Alex and Magi Ann         My  Baby                                         on her first  Tricycle!!!!
This is the Griswalls in Pelham!!!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Makayla and First incounter with Santa 2014

 This was not her plan for a fun time!!!
 Daddy HELP!!!! I will tell you what I want for Christmas!!
 She was fine as long as Santa kept his distance, I don't blame her!!
 Help there is a funny looking person dressed in a BIG red suit!!!
        He pinched me!!!! Daddy help me Mommy help me. PASSEY make it 2 PASSIES!!!!!

Our Precious Family (Newest Members) with Us is Pigeon Forge!!! 2014

 Terry and Jim Hicks!!!! One of the sweetest couples around. Love them both and miss them so much!!!
They had to roll us out of the Old Mill after we ate Breakfast!!! It was wonderful!!!

Monday, June 08, 2015

Home Away From Home Wears Valley Pigeon Forge 2014

 In the back of a truck!!! Just wonder where he is going???

 No kin just in a Cemetery we had never been in!!

 One of my favorite places!!!!!

 Out to Cades Cove!!!!
 This Guy and I became very close and way too personal!!!

 He got within about 4 feet of me!! All I could see was antlers!!! And what was I going to do. He keep coming closer, I didn't move or did I breath till he turned and started back across the road. When I moved he looked at me and took off like I had shot him with more than a camera!!!